Our parent organization.

Handbook for the Company of Plataians
Information about Plataia, our group’s composition and philosophy, and assistance with developing a persona and recreating material culture.

Ancient Warfare Magazine
Includes articles on everything ancient warfare: campaigns, battles, soldiers, equipment, daily life, interesting source materials and several items of original artwork in every issue.

The Perseus Project
An unbelievably good online resource for the classicist, amateur or professional. Want to look at occurrences of the word “peltast” in Xenophon? Want to read a copy of Hellenika for free? The Perseus Project is there for you!

The Beazley Archive
Online searchable databases for pottery, gems, sculpture, and antiquaria

One man’s preparations for the Marathon event.

Erich Lessing Culture & Fine Arts Archives
Online searchable photo archive containing thousands of good quality photos of archaic and classical Greek art and architecture.


Manning Imperial
Reproduction arms, armour, and other accessories

The Lonely Mountain Forge
Hand-made armour and weapons

Lorica Designs
Reproduction jewelry and metalwork

Venetian Cat Studio
Historical pottery and fine art