The Company of Plataians

Plataian Hoplite

Photo of Krater BS 480 courtesy of Antikenmuseum Basel

Taxeis Plataia is dedicated to the portrayal of the citizens of Plataia during the time of the Battle of Marathon. Our goal is to explore methods of ancient Greek warfare and to examine the customs and culture of the period.

We will do events here in North America in 2009, 2010, and 2011 as we prepare to go to Greece in August 2011 for the big event. Our main focus will be on the camp life of the citizen soldier and his drill in the phalanx and military arts, but we will also work on the life of the symposiast, the dances of the period (both male and female) and elements of domestic culture from spinning to cooking.

Our organization is open to all who have an interest in ancient Greek culture and society in the late Archaic. Please contact us for more information, and feel free to join the discussion forum to find out what we’re up to this month.

Raven of Apollo

Show your support of the Marathon event with the purchase of a handmade sterling silver shield, which comes either as a pin or a pendant. They are about 1/2 inch in diameter and have the Raven of Apollo etched onto the surface. They are made by Aurora Simmons, a professional jeweler and member of the Company of Plataians. All proceeds from the sale of these items goes to support the Marathon reenactment in Greece.